The main character of our project is Sergey or, as the village calls him, “Shishok”. He lives near the Ilyatino village, next to the old Anichkov’s estate, between Ostrovito and Nemega lakes. Sergey is 20 years old. He doesn’t work and doesn’t plan or even think about his future. This is the reality not only for him, but also for the majority of young Ilyatino people. This summer is crucial for Sergey. He has to decide whether to follow his girlfriend and join her in St. Petersburg, where she is entering the university, or to continue his existence in Ilyatino. Shishok is our research of the human soul and a life purpose. As a fly on the wall, this life changing moment is exactly what our team wanted to film.

Tiny Little Delicate Foreign Castles

Empire of Evil