Masterclass with Stefano Casertano

Daring House CEO and film director Stefano Casertano will hold a masterclass with the title: “Break the Rules! How to make original documentaries without being alternative”.

In the masterclass, Casertano will explain how our perception of “documentary language” has been altered by conservative ideas. Why are “interviews” accepted as a means of “not altering reality”? Is there any other way to convey real emotions, other than interviews? Why do we accept interviews, and not staged scenes (yet unscripted)?
And more: why do most documentaries concentrate on hard/sad topics? Is it a must, or is there an alternative?

Filmmakers face the challenge of the market, yet doing just what the market says is the best way towards personal (and – in the end – financial) dissatisfaction.

Casertano will present the topics basing on his personal experience: after a successful career as an international journalist and academic (researcher and adjunct professor at Potsdam University in Germany) and after having reached career stability, Casertano gradually and completely moved on to filmmaking – and he does not regret it a bit.

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